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The really, really long grocery list of an elite running couple

What Julie-Anne Staehli and Chris Balestrini eat in a week

Julie-Anne Staehli and Chris Balestrini are among some of Canada’s most elite runners. The couple live in London, Ont. where they go to school and train. Staehli is having a breakout indoor season, running only one second off the Canadian 3,000m record just two weeks ago in Boston. Balestrini is coming off a PB half-marathon performance at the Houston Marathon in January where he ran 1:05:30.

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2nd at the Scotia Vancouver Half (1:05:58) yesterday! My 3rd sub-66 Half this year! This was a little different, probably the most tactical road race I’ve run. We cruised as a group of 5 until 16km (Kip Kangogo, Rob Watson, Ben Preisner, Julian Heninger, and myself) • 5k splits: 15:31 – 15:34 – 15:53 – 15:27 • Rob, Julian, and I traded turns at the front before I made a push at 16k. Ben Preisner then countered with a strong move over Burrard bridge at 3-4k to go. Our last 5k ended up being the fastest, as we toyed around a little too much in the beginning/middle, throwing away a shot at a new personal best. Ben ended up winning, stretching the lead to 17 seconds by the finish. • Thanks to @ryanmeatysauce and the whole @runcrs and @runcrswest crews for putting on a great #scotiahalf race weekend. I’m coming to the conclusion of what has been a crazy amount of racing lately, one more road race on the schedule before I break to recharge for a fall marathon. • 📷: @kimenp.rmt – @tonesterbc – @jimhinze • #banditbuilt

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For these two runners, nutrition is a big priority which means that groceries are too. The couple shops once a week (always on Tuesdays because that’s when they get the 10 percent student discount) and they start with the produce section before working their way around the store. Here’s a look at what two busy runners eat in a week.

Julie-Anne Staehli, winner of the 5K at STWM 2019. Photo: Maxine Gravina


3 crowns of broccoli
3 big sweet potatoes
1 large tub of spinach
1 yellow onion
7 apples
7 oranges
1 bag of grapes
1 eggplant
7 avocados (for taco Tuesday)
1 spaghetti squash
Lots of portobello mushrooms (because Balestrini is trying out vegetarianism)
2 packages of berries are on sale that week



10 Montreal-style bagels (an essential)
1 baguette
1 loaf of rye bread
1 package of english muffins
2 boxes of pasta
1 package of soft shell tortillas
1 bag of rice
1 box of Honey Nut Cheerios
1 bag of oatmeal


Salami and turkey breast (Staehli loves sandwiches)
3 pieces of fish
1 package of ground beef
1 package tofu
3 cans of beans
18 eggs


4L of almond milk
2L of greek yogurt
1 tub of cottage cheese
1 stick of butter
1 brick of cheddar cheese


2 cases of bubbly water
1 kg of Kraft smooth peanut butter
1 bottle of ketchup
1 package of tzatziki dip
1 package of hummus
1 jar of salsa
1 bag of Veggie Straws and Tostitos


1 tub of cappuccino frozen yogurt
3 bars of mint chocolate

Staehli is running tomorrow at 4:39 p.m. in the 3,000m at the Millrose Games.

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