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The ridiculously long grocery list of runners training in Kenya

What a group of seven Canadian runners ate during one week of training in Iten

A group of seven runners from Toronto made the trip to Iten, Kenya, which is the adopted home to many of the best runners in the world. While there, they stayed in Magdalyne and Jake Robertson’s home (2:22 and 2:08 marathoners respectively), and rubbed shoulders with the likes of Olympic 5,000m silver medallist Paul Chelimo.

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The runners who made the trip are: Kathleen Lawrence, Mike Anderson, Mark Angus, Tyler Hamilton, Amelie Forget, Julie Griffin and David Lau, who all run for BlackToe Running’s team. Here’s what the group ate during one week of training in one of the most famous running locations in the world.

The grocery list of seven runners


6 mangoes
1 pineapple
1 watermelon
10 bags of spinach
2 zucchinis
4 packages of mushrooms
12 tomatoes
6 onions
2 bags of peas


1 box of Oat Crunch
1 bag of porridge
3 loaves of bread
2 packs of rice crackers
40 chapati
2 pots of ugali (maize flour porridge)
5 pounds of rice
2 bags of steel cut oats
2 boxes of spaghetti
1 box of penne


36 eggs
1 block of tofu
6 cans of tuna
6 cans of salmon
4 cans of lentils
4 cans of black beans
2 tins of anchovies
18 protein bars
6 protein shakes
8 protein shakes with vegetables


2 boxes of milk (that looked like juice boxes)
1 block of butter
2 boxes of Laughing Cow cheese


1 jar of jam
1 jar of honey
2 jars of peanut butter
2 bags of chips
1 jar of pickles
1 jar of olives
1 chocolate cake
1 carrot cake


1 kg of coffee
18 bottles of water (5 litres each)
4 orange Fanta
3 Diet Pepsi
96 Tusker Lager
1 bottle of Johnny Walker Black

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