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The snack: Healthy banana ice cream

healthy-banana-peanut-butter-ice-creamSummer is almost here and that means ice cream season is on its way. For runners out there who are watching their sugar intake, weight, or are just trying to be a little bit healthier, we’ve you covered with five simple recipes for banana ice cream. It’s sometimes called ‘nice cream’ because it’s so much (nutritionally) nicer for your body!

1) Peanut butter banana ice cream

Made with almond milk, cinnamon, bananas and peanut butter, this recipe tastes like dessert without being unhealthy. Feel free to swap out thstrawberry banana ice creame peanut butter for any nut butter of your choice, like almond or walnut.

2) Chocolate banana ice cream

Cocoa powder gives this recipe an antioxidant boost. Feel free to use any type of milk you like–soy, almond, skim or coconut.


3) Strawberry banana ice cream

We dare you to serve this to guests and see if they can tell a difference!

raspberry ice cream4) Raspberry banana ice cream

This recipe has exactly two ingredients: bananas and raspberries. As far as healthy sweet-treats go, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

5) Mint-chocolate banana ice cream

Have fresh mint in your garden? Put it to good use and make your own natural mint-chocolate chip ice cream.