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The snack: Three ingredient pancake recipes


Pancakes are a longstanding breakfast classic and your everyday pancake made with flour, milk and sugar, smothered in maple syrup, probably isn’t that great for you. However, not all pancakes need have a bad nutritional rap, nor should they require some sort of special brunching occasion in order to indulge. We’ve rounded up our favourite three-ingredient pancake recipes that are quick to make and healthy to eat.

1) Sweet potato pancakes

There is no reason that sweet-potato can’t cut it as a breakfast food. This three-ingredient pancake is made of coconut flour, sweet potato and eggs making them gluten and dairy free. The eggs provide protein, vitamin D and healthy fat, while the sweet potato provides complex carbohydrates and vitamin C. Feel free to experiment with adding in cinnamon or sprinkling coconut flakes on top.

2) Cottage-cheese pancakes

Made with cottage cheese, oatmeal and eggs, these pancakes offer a huge protein boost to stave off hunger throughout the day. The author also gives fun ideas of how to ‘pimp up your pancakes,’ with protein powder, sliced nuts or fruit.

3) Maca-banana pancakes

Maca powder is also known as Peruvian Gingseng which many believe to increase energy and provide hormonal balance, however, scientific studies supporting these claims has been limited. This three-ingredient pancake is gluten and dairy free.

4) Paleo-pancakes

These pancakes are made with banana, egg and coconut flour. For easy mixing, pulse ingredients together in a blender and then pour straight into the pan. For perfectly shaped pancakes, use the lid of a mason jar as a stencil.

5) Cinnamon plantain pancakes

Plantains are the sweeter cousin of the regular banana but they never seem to get the same hype in traditional recipes that bananas do.