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The snack: Top 10 homemade roasted nut recipes

Roasted nuts are a hard snack to resist. But often, the store-bought kind have all sorts of weird additives and preservatives. We’ve found 10 of the most delicious roasted nut recipes, perfect for snacking and pretty enough to be done up in a mason jar as a thoughtful hostess gift for a fellow health-conscious friend.

roasted nuts1) Sugar-free cinnamon roasted almonds

The author of this roasted nut recipe went on a quest to see if she could replicate the taste of the sugar-laden snack, minus all the sugar. And she succeeded!

2) Spicy honey-roasted peanuts

A little bit of cayenne pepper adds a kick to this recipe.

3) Rosemary-chili roasted almonds

There are some surprising ingredients in this roasted nut recipe, like orange juice and maple syrup, that work together for a unique flavour blend.

4) Cocoa roasted almonds

A dusting of cocoa powder adds flavour without packing on extra sugar or calories. In fact, the cocoa maypistachios even give this healthy snack a nutritional boost.

5) Curry-roasted pistachios

These nuts can be roasted inside the shell or out, depending on how intense of a flavour you prefer.

6) Whiskey-honey toasted walnuts

Yes, there actually is a small amount of whiskey in this roasted nut recipe. The author of this recipe says these nuts are versatile enough to throw on a salad for crunch, to top yogurt in the morning, or to be eaten by themselves as a snack.

7) Maple-roasted walnuts

Maple syrup aWhiskey-Honey-Toasted-Walnut-3-FS1nd coconut crystals solve any major sweet-craving.

8) Coconut-roasted almonds

This recipe offers a tropical taste on the traditional roasted almond, sure to impress.

9) Pumpkin spice almondsPumpkin-Spice-Almonds-4-Bites-of-Bri-682x1024

Pumpkin spice and everything nice doesn’t have to be restricted to the autumn season solely. Plus, these give you a bit more nutritional bang for your buck than a pumpkin spice latte.

10) Roasted chili-lime cashews

Simple ingredients pack a flavourful punch in this recipe. All you need is lime juice, chill powder, salt and an egg white.