The elliptical has long been a cross-training alternative of choice for runners looking to supplement their training or as a means to keep fit during an injury stint. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse, a variation of a stand-up paddleboard, uses similar technology and is about as close as it gets to running on water.

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The Hobie Mirage Eclipse uses pedal technology to move forward, a similar movement as an elliptical minus the circular motion. The board is just over three metres in length and weighs approximately 50 pounds.

Unlike a standup paddleboard, the Hobie has hand levers to control direction, which can be removed to make it a more traditional board. The line was released in April and the company claims that using the board is “as easy as walking,” while “taking fitness out of the gym and onto the water.”

See the Hobie Eclipse in action below:

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Stand-up paddleboarding is a popular form of cross-training and exercise for some athletes. One such user is retired triathlete Simon Whitfield. If you prefer to stay on land to do your elliptical workouts, see our recommendations here.

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