Top 10 homemade nut butters

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Raise your hand if peanut butter on something is one of your go to post-run snacks!

To speak generally (and I know there are outliers out there), runners love their nut butter. So we’ve rounded up the top 10 amazing homemade nut butters, for the runner who wants to get their nut-fix in an all natural way.

almond butter1) Honey, sea salt and vanilla bean almond butter

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a bit of a salt tooth, way more of a salt tooth that a sweet tooth. Why does no one ever confess to a salt tooth the way they do to a sweet one? I digress.

This homemade almond butter is sweet, smooth and salty, all rolled into one.

2) Homemade pistachio butter

Spread some green on your breakfast with this addictive pistachio pistachio butterbutter. Just be careful–when you don’t have to go through the process of unselling them, it’s easier to end up eating more pistachios than you’d like. Try to stick to 1-2 tbsp servings.

3) Cinnamon cocoa hemp heart butter

Okay, so this “nut butter” is actually nut free. But, it fulfills all the same roles as a nut butter, so it made the cut for this list. Never heard of hemp hearts? Check out our story on them, here.

Vanilla-Espresso-Almond-Butter4) Vanilla espresso almond butter

Calling all coffee lovers! You must (yes, must) try this recipe.

5) Maple vanilla peanut butter

All this recipe takes is four ingredients: peanuts, maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Easy peasy, super delicious.

6) Honey cinnamon cashew butterMaple-Vanilla-Homemade-Peanut-Butter2

You can make this recipe using just straight-up cashews, or do a mixed blend of a variety of nuts. It’s scrumptious either way.

7) Pumpkin walnut butter

This recipe can actually be made with any nut butter (walnut just goes nicely). By combining pumpkin puree with your favourite nut butter, you’re not only getting a unique taste, but also diluting the intensity of your calorie commitment.

8) Snickerdoodle cashew butter

This recipe’s author advises to make a double batch if you aren’t the only one in your household. That’s how fast this nut butter disappears.

maple-cinnamon-raisin-nut-butter-recipe-8572_thumb9) Chunky maple cinnamon raisin nut butter

This recipe is from one of our favourites, Oh She Glows, a blog turned cookbook full of yummy vegan recipes (that you definitely don’t have to be vegan to appreciate). Check out our review of the cookbook, here.

10) Sunflower nutella

Okay, this is another nut free “nut butter” recipe, but who doesn’t want a nutella-like spread that they can indulge in without the guilt? Unlike regular nutella, which contains loads of refined sugar and palm oil, this recipe is refined sugar free.