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Top 10 Tips for a healthier Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving – it’s arguably the most delicious of holidays. For runners, Thanksgiving also falls right in the middle of the fall racing season – a time when most of us are trying to be as nutritionally-conscious as possible. Here are some tips for your healthiest Thanksgiving supper.


Opt for Olive Oil

Many recipes call for rubbing your turkey with butter prior to cooking. Opt for olive oil and spices for a healthier option.

Turkey is not your enemy

As far as meats go, turkey is a great source of lean protein. Skip the skin and ask the carver for white meat rather than dark.

Sweet potatoes beat out regular potatoes every time

Mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving classic–this year consider mashing up some of the orange variety for a more nutritious option.

Be selective with your sauces


Canned sauces tend to hide way more added sugar than homemade varieties. Cranberry sauce is especially high in sugar content. Though deceivingly made with fruit, you’re better off with gravy.

Enjoy seasonal foods

Sometimes with dinners like Thanksgiving, there is so much variety that it is tempting to try a bit of everything. Skip the foods that you can have any old time (that regular dinner roll) and make room on your plate for the special ones (Grandma’s famous stuffing).

redwineChoose your drink wisely

If you’d like to indulge in an alcoholic beverage, red wine will provide you with an antioxidant boost.

Take your time

It can be tempting to go back for seconds immediately because of how delicious the first round was. Give yourself a few minutes to digest and make sure that your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach.

gingerteaPut the kettle on

After dinner, make yourself a cup of tea (and offer some to the rest of your party). Certain teas like ginger and green tea have been shown to aid in digestion. Plus, a cup of tea after dinner is a lovely way to spend time with loved ones.

Send the leftovers home

If you portion out a bit of leftovers to everyone whom you dined with, there is less chance you’ll indulge in another thanksgiving feast the next day.

Make time to be active

This is probably the most important tip. Thanksgiving is a vacation, that is true and vacations are fantastic times for running! Enjoy the changing weather on a morning run and then take an additional walk with family and friends. Play outside–do whatever you like to work up that appetite!