Top 10 veggie chip recipes

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Crisp-Eggplant-Chips-12361) Eggplant chips

Ever reach into a bag of chips meaning to have a handful, only to discover a few minutes later that you’ve inhaled the whole bag? With this eggplant chip recipe, feel free to eat the whole bag; an entire eggplant clocks in at only 150 calories.

2) Kale chips

Angela Liddon’s cookbook , Oh She Glows, is one of our favourites here at the Canadian Running. There are tons of kale chip recipes out there, but few are as detailed in how to avoid chewiness and burnt edges.

3) Sweet potato chips

All you need to make this snack is a microwave, so it tops our list in terms of efficiency.

4) Potato chips

A homemade take on the classic potato chip, these baked chips are much healthier than the usual deep fried ones. Good for the pre-race carbo-load!

Easy-Baked-Rosemary-Beet-Chips-Fast-healthy-and-SO-simple.-vegan-glutenfree5) Beet chips

There has been buzz about beets in the running world for quite some time now. The nitrates in these purple veggies have been proven to dilate blood vessels, which consequently allows for increased blood flow to skeletal muscles and improved athletic performance. Since the first findings in 2008, beet juice has been a favoured pick-me-up for many runners in the hunt of PBs, but we think we’d prefer eating beet chips.

6) Carrot chipscarrot chips

Whether you’re a person that prefers spicy or sweet, recipe author Gina Matsoukas has you covered. They only take fifteen minutes in total to make, so they’re a perfect quick and healthy snack.

7) Apple chips

The title may say veggie chips, but these apple chips sounded too good not to be included on the list. Feel free to omit the sugar if you’re trying to cut down, these chips will still be sweet.

Oven-Baked-Zucchini-Chips38) Zucchini chips

Zucchini is one of those veggies that nobody really likes to eat raw, but then becomes irresistible through the slightest baking method. These oven-baked zucchini chips with Parmesan and breadcrumbs are perfect for crushing cravings.

9) Green bean chips

At first, I thought this idea sounded kind of weird, but then I decided, “why not?” These things are pretty much the healthiest ‘fries’ ever.

kabocha squash fries10) Kabocha squash fries

Recipe author Candance Kumai serves up not only the most vitamin packed set of fries one could imagine, but also provides a recipe for Sriracha dipping sauce made with Greek yogurt. This chips and dip recipe may just serve as the perfect post-run snack.