Top 20 healthy food swaps

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Looking for easy ways to lose weight, or to simply make your diet a little bit healthier? Here are some easy healthy food swaps to make for common foods that will set you in the right direction.

1) Swap french fries for sweet potato fries.


2) Swap pasta for spaghetti squash or zoodles.


3) Swap mayo for avocado.


4) Swap ice cream for ‘nice cream.’

strawberry banana ice cream

5) Swap mashed potatoes for cauliflower mash.

cauliflower salad

6) Swap ketchup for salsa.

Spicy restaurant-style salsa

7) Swap sour cream for Greek yogurt.

yogurt covered strawberries

8) Swap granola for oatmeal.


9) Swap iceberg lettuce for mixed greens.


10) Swap potato chips for veggie chips.


11) Swap butter for olive oil.

olive oil

12) Swap sugar for cinammon.


13) Swap soda for sparkling water.


14) Swap a latte for a regular coffee.

Coffee may lessen your risk of Type 2 diabetes

15) Swap fried eggs for hard-boiled eggs.

hard boiled egg

16) Swap fruit juice for actual fruit.


17) Swap 2 per cent milk for skim or almond milk.


18) Swap white rice for quinoa.


19) Swap artificial sweeteners for stevia.

Coffee and sugar.

20) Swap white bread for whole grain.

The gluten-free diet trend isn't all about totally cutting it out. of your diet.