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What Rory Linkletter eats in a day

How this Canadian distance runner fuels his marathon training

Rory Linkletter is a trackie turned marathoner who’s stationed out of Flagstaff, AZ (also known ask, distance runner central). Linkletter is a Canadian who made the move in 2019 to Flagstaff to train with the NAZ Elite, one of the most competitive road running groups in America.

Dylan Wykes ad Rory Linkletter before STWM 2019 start. Photo: Maxine Gravina

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The runner has Olympic goals in the marathon. His 2:16 debut in Toronto was a strong performance and a great jumping-off point at the new (for him) distance. Linkletter is in the process of transitioning from an omnivore to plant-based diet while running 145K weeks. When running mileage that high, everyone has to be vigilant about their diet, and even more so when making a big change. “I’m choosing to label it as plant based because I’ve been in limbo as far as how much I can, and desire to, limit. The first two weeks I still consumed eggs, cheese, and even had fish once. But for the last three to four weeks I’ve been meatless. I had eggs a time or two but I’ve cut out all dairy.”


Now Linkletter’s ready to make the plunge to being 100 per cent animal free. He jokes, “It was tough to maintain while visiting family over the holidays.” The runner’s reason for the change is mostly in an effort to reduce his environmental impact, and a desire to consume more plant-based whole foods.

To ensure that he’s hitting all of his nutrition needs for training and racing he’s using Rich Roll’s PlantPower meal planner and working with his strength coach (who also has a masters degree in nutrition) on a food diary. This is a two-factor system to double check that he’s well nourished. “I’m also supplementing with vitamin B12 and iron.”


What a day of eating looks like

Pre run – sprouted wheat toast with almond butter
Post run – tofu and black bean burritos
Lunch – Kodiak Cakes (brand of pancake mix with added protein), a buckwheat pancake with real Canadian maple syrup, almond butter and nuts
Dinner – veggie loaded miso soup with tofu

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