Why runners should try a meal kit delivery service

Not enough hours in the day to prep and cook healthy food? We've got a solution

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People are both busier and more health-conscious than ever. When you’ve got a lot on the go, grocery shopping and prepping nutritious food can hit the back burner. Meal kit delivery services can help bring runners food that’s equal parts good for you and easy to make. 

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Eating well is certainly a concern for runners. When you’re training hard for an upcoming goal race, the last thing you want is to be sidelined by an injury. Maintaining an emphasis on nutrition is one of the easiest ways to prevent unwanted aches and pains. 

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Goodfood is a Canadian meal delivery service that’s afford and delicious. They offer five different meal plans including Clean15 (low carb), Vegetarian, Classic, Family and Easy Prep meals. Their menus change every week and it breaks down to cost between $5.85 and $7.50 CAD per serving. You can order up to four meals at a time and can choose from either two or four portions per meal. 

I ordered the Clean15 plan. It was delivered on time and left on my doorstep while I was at work. They come in cold pack-insulated boxes, not an issue right now as it’s very cold outside, but during the warmer months this is an important feature. All three meals were packaged separately and labeled well, with recipe cards included in the box. 

I was sent three meals and each were delicious and so easy to make. Within minutes of getting home from practice, I had dinner ready. Between 15 and 20 minutes is all you need to make the recipes and you’ll have a great dinner that night and lunch for the following day. Portions were sized well, but as a pretty big eater I added a dinner roll to my meal to make sure I got enough carbohydrate in. The only ingredients you need that aren’t in the box is your cooking oil or choice and salt and pepper.

Another bonus of these meal packages is that there is genuinely no cooking experience needed. Making dinner is so easy that most children could follow the instructions.

A common complaint about meal delivery services is the waste produced from packaging, but fortunately with Goodfood, all of packaging is recyclable, even the ice packs. If you’re someone who finds themselves spending lots of money eating out, are intimidated by cooking, or simply don’t have time to prep and cook nutritious meals, you should seriously considering trying Goodfood. Even if you don’t order weekly, placing an order when you know you’ve got a particularly busy schedule or are in need of some dinner inspiration can be a great idea.