Patriot's Day Maritimes

After five years of hosting appreciation events, I’m still trying to create original ways to say thank you. This winter, I have a unique idea that will bring volunteers together to celebrate the success we created together in 2016. Here’s a hint: as long as Mother Nature doesn’t interfere with my plans, hot chocolate will be involved. Expect the unexpected.

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A perk of being a race director is definitely receiving an abundance of freebies. Instead of hording, I share. Last week, a movie promotion company gave me 20 double passes for the pre-screening of Patriots Day. I know thousands of runners so in order to be fair in choosing who to give the tickets to, I drew names from my seasoned volunteers and runners who already registered for Maritime Race Weekend in 2017.

Following the pre-screening, I received a number of texts saying that it’s a must-see movie. I’m also going to say a huge thanks to the movie distributor, Entertainment One, for treating our pirates like VIPs! 


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