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Mission Accomplished
By Lesley Evans Ogden
A group of Canadian and American teenagers completed an ultramarathon across Botswana’s Kalahari Desert.

My First Centrury
By Steve Demaio
Motivated to lose weight, Steve DeMaio started running. A lot.

What a Rush
By John Firth
In the late 1800s, prospectors flocked to the Klondike Trail, hoping to strike it rich. Retracing their steps, about 1,400 runners now race along the old route between Yukon and Alaska.

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Two legs good, six legs better
By Michael Doyle
The sport of canicross – racing with dogs – is taking off in Quebec.

Caffeine Kicks
By Bobbi Barbarich
Recipe: Afternoon buzz bars

The Underdogs
By Michael Woods
General Panet High School

By Canadian Running Magazine
Salomon S-Las Sense Ultra

Peter’s Principles
By Peter Hadzipetros
Let’s Just Call It ‘Insurance’

Painful Climbing
By Kevin Mackinnon
Improve your hill running technique.

Natural Selection
By Matthew Kadey
Supercharge your runs with foods and drinks that give you a natural energy boost.

Mind Over Body
By Roy Stevenson
Finding a way to override your brain’s “slow-down” signals could be the key to running faster.

Down ‘n’ Dirty: Top trail shoes
The best trail shoes of the season.

Challenge the grim reaper: The North Face Canadian Death Race
Can you survive the Death Race?

Rollin’ in the country: Running celebrity Paul Brandt
Running celebrity, country singer Paul Brandt.

Ultra Motivated Margaret Li
By Joanne Elves
Margaret Li believes anyone can run long trail races – even beginners.

Cross – Country Breakthrough
By Jason Warick
Regina’s Kelly Wiebe proves proves he’s one of Canada’s best runners.

Shoeless Wonder
By Geoff Martinson
Ben Weir may have lost his shoe in the early stages of the B.C. high school cross-country championships. But he wasn’t about to lose a spot on the podium.

The Science of Running
By Alex Hutchinson
Power of clean air; zen and the art of ice baths; walk or jog the rest?; early to bed, first to the line?

First Steps
By Deborah Wiles
Take a Hike
Run your first ultra

Trail Trauma
By Alison Dunn
One false step in the woods can result in a sprained ankle or broken leg. Follow these recovery tips to ensure you’re back running healthy after serious injuries.

Thirst Quenchers: Best hydration packs
Quench your thirst with hydration packs and bottles designed for runners.

Ontario’s Ridueau Trail
By Derrick Spafford
The famous ester Ontario route has something for novice nature-seekers and adventure enthusiasts.

Fire and Ice
By Simon Donato
Iceland ultramarathon offers a demanding 250k race past volcanoes and glaciers. It’ll make you feel like you’re the last person on Earth.

Run Wild
By Mark Dance
Running with a pack of wild dogs can produce unexpected results.