Start of the 2010 Tokyo Marathon. Photo: Photorun.

Start of the 2010 Tokyo Marathon. Photo: Photorun.

Research regarding Japanese medallists reveals that Japan’s clean doping record at the Olympic Games can be traced to the spirit of bushido, reports Japan Running News.

Bushido, a Japanese word for “samurai spirit” or the “way of the warrior,” has been credited as a mindset among many Japanese athletes, according to the report. The term incorporates values of loyalty, morals, and honour.

On the question of doping, some responded that “something similar to bushido underlies [their] beliefs,” with the responses being translated to English courtesy of Japan Running News.

Six male and six female Olympic medallists from the previous three Olympics were questioned in the survey.

Japan has had a clean record at the Olympics and the Paralympics when it comes to track and field athletes with no history of positive tests. The recent survey was the first-ever in relation to doping in athletics in Japan.

The news comes just after a letter was released that alleges that there was state-backed doping in Chinese athletics in the mid-1990s, a period of time when Chinese runners dominated athletics. The most notable athlete was Wang Junxia, the current world record holder in the outdoor 3,000m and 10,000m.


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