Running Promposal

All Joran Fuller needed for his ‘promposal’ was a pair of running shoes, his iPhone and some mapping creativity. He set the bar that much higher for fellow high schoolers to think of creative ways to try to land a prom date.

The prom-themed Strava route, which has been shared on Twitter and retweeted or liked a combined 60,000 times in the past 48 hours, was an 8.9K venture. The run, entitled “hey Claire,” features a route that reads “prom?” Strava is a popular social media platform where users post various forms of physical activity, most notably, runs and rides.

The tweet is currently, as of this writing, trending on Twitter as part of its “Moments” feature.

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Claire Short, the recipient, captioned the tweet, “but did your prom date run 5.5 miles to ask you?” The run took place in Findlay, Ohio, located approximately two hours south of Windsor, Ont. ‘Promposals,’ the term given to elaborate invitations to prom, a high school’s year-end celebration, typically occur this time of year.

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The run, to Fuller’s credit, was rather brisk as the high schooler averaged 4:30 per kilometre for the 40-plus minute effort. The proposal was a form of Strava art, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. More sophisticated routes exist in the following themes: Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Christmas, to name a few.

Judging by the FlyBy (a feature that recreates a run in sequence) he began the effort by forming the “P” and concluding with the “?,” which reads vertically on Strava. Both are on the high school cross-country team.


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