Justyn Knight

Justyn Knight (centre). Photo: Syracuse Orange.

To break a school record, run the fastest time among collegiates in the United States, and to do so in your first ever indoor race representing your school doesn’t happen often.

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Canadian Justyn Knight managed all three of those feats yesterday at the Boston University John Thomas Terrier Classic running the mile in 3:56.87. Knight finished second behind Chris O’Hare in section one with Ottawa native Adam Palamar (3:58.55) also breaking 4:00 for the mile.

It was Knight’s first indoor race for Syracuse after competing last season unattached. The previous school record was 3:59.81, according to the Syracuse Orange press release.

Justyn Knight

Top-five mile times run by U.S. collegiates this indoor season. Photo: TFRRS.

“You don’t see three guys from the same school break 4:00 in the mile too often,” Knight told Flotrack after the race. Joel Hubbard was the third Syracuse Orange athlete to accomplish the feat.

Knight, a Vaughn, Ont. native, only began running when he was a sophomore in high school, attending St. Michael’s College School in Toronto.

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Men’s mile — BU Terrier Classic (1,500m splits are in brackets)

1. O’Hare, Chris Baa 3:56.00 (3:41.43)
2. Knight, Justyn Syracuse 3:56.87 (3:41.79)
3. Palamar, Adam Syracuse 3:58.55 (3:43.02)
4. Wynne, Henry Virginia 3:58.74 (3:43.54)
5. Hubbard, Joel Syracuse 3:58.94 (3:44.24)
6. Winn, Daniel Baa 3:58.94 (3:43.38)
7. Stilin, Joe Zap Fitness/Reebok 4:00.69 (3:43.69)
8. Mangan, Steven NE Distance 4:01.52 (3:45.51)
9. Lowry, Dan Baa 4:01.66 (3:46.00)

Taylor Milne also won the 3,000m (7:52.78) at the BU Terrier Classic while Sophie Watts set a Nova Scotia record in the women’s 1,000m.

Full results

North Dakota State University’s Erin Teschuk, a native of Winnipeg, was atop the women’s mile times up until yesterday before being bumped off the lead.

Her 4:34.00 time is still good for second (as of Sunday morning) while Canadian Annie Leblanc (Oregon) is ranked third in the NCAA.


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