For many runners, getting the right sports bra is more important than getting the right pair of shoes. Running and fitness brands bring us a wide array of different styles, sizes and support levels. Each option then ranges in cut, fabric, ventilation, style and so much more. It’s no wonder that finding the perfect ones can be quite the task.

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This week, we’re featuring a new style by Reebok: The Running Compression Sports Bra. Falling in the light to medium support camp, this style is made to be moisture wicking, with reflective details and made with compression fabric to give support during the run.

It should be noted that the construction of this bra uses no buckles or hooks and the seams are minimal and flat. All of this is sure to be good news for the runners who are regularly bothered by chafing, blisters or other skin irritations. Don’t want to finish a run with red marks? Do away with bras that use features that cause these problems.  

Price: Retails for $75.

Sizes: Available sizes range from extra-small to extra-large. Many runners may wish to wear a size smaller than their usual. 

Why it caught our eye

As the temperatures ramp up and summer weather sets in, things get a little… sweaty. The best way to keep comfortable is to invest in gear that’s made with moisture-wicking materials and is as light as possible. This one checks those boxes. This sports bra feels extra light and airy against the skin. That butter-smooth feel is actually a trademark of a lot of Reebok’s spring and summer apparel lately and we’re completely for it. Where many bra bands add a bit of bulk, this one lies flat against a runner’s body and manages to be sturdy without feeling chunky. (Read: No sweat’s going to pool here). Somehow the fabric is thin while still offering compression to limit movement. If you live in a hot, humid environment, that’s a win. 

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Who it’s for

As mentioned, when it comes to sports bras, there are numerous features, styles and fabrics. Not every model is going to suit every runner. Nor is it intended to! So which type of runner is the Running Compression Sports Bra best suited for? First off, it comes in your regular top sizes, not a person’s band/cup size. If the standard extra-small to extra-large sizes have always worked in the past, keep it simple and stick with that. This one also isn’t adjustable in the band or the straps so if you’re an in-between sizes kind of runner who needs to customize the fit, keep this in mind. Narrow-shouldered runners though will love that the straps cross at the back as they will stay in place. No annoying adjustments every kilometre!

Another thing to consider: the support level. Because this is a medium to low support item, it should be worn by runners who don’t need extra-high levels of support. If you don’t need a ton of built-in support, padding and firm bounce-restricting fabrics can end up serving no purpose other than creating bulk and feeling hot and stuffy on a mid-summer run. If you don’t need it, ditch it! In that case, this one is the way to go. 

We also felt that style-conscious runners would appreciate the look of this one: it’s elegant, modest and simple without looking boring. The cross-straps add a nice aesthetic detail and will add a fun twist to a more open-backed summer running top. The look here is sleek and modern. Thumbs up to that.   


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