The Lululemon Enlite Bra is the Canadian brand’s newest item and was just released this week. Just on time for summer is a breezy sports bra that bumps the style factor up several notches. On hot days when runners want to show off a low-back top or head out in just a sports bra, the Enlite Bra is an obvious choice. Up the class and show off your style this season because sporting this bra, a runner’s route might as well be the runway.

It wasn’t that long ago when athletic apparel consisted simply of high-tech fabrics with an overly sporty aesthetic. Now though, the industry has changed to create clothing that functions as it should while also tailoring to an individual’s personal style. If your look isn’t exactly Sporty Spice, you don’t have to exude that vibe during your workout. If we had to praise the Enlite Bra for one thing, it’s that. Fit fashionistas and vogue-obsessed marathoners alike will love the unique look that this one brings. 

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Price: $98

The Features

The back is the most stand-out feature of this bra. Seriously, these cross straps are so pretty, it could be the back of a dress. They serve a functional purpose too and that’s that they won’t slip off shoulders and with the ultra-sleek fabric, they won’t chafe or cause red marks. The band is adjustable as well so runners can get an accurate fit. The most important question though is does it support? It does. The Enlite comes with molded cups– not just inserts– that fit curves properly so your run won’t be interrupted by irritating movement. (And in case you were wondering, no underwire). 

The Fit

Right now, the brand lists availability in band sizes from 32 to 38 and cup sizes ranging from A to E. In terms of the fit, this bra feels light and soft against the skin and hugs curves so as to limit movement on the run. When testing, we found that it felt like a maximum support bra because it fit so firmly to shape– in other words, it’s not just a pretty bra. Runners can expect little bounce while wearing this one. Our testers felt that it fit accurately to your typical band/cup size but there is room to move up a cup size depending on individual preferences. 


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