Everyone can enjoy the course more when runners line up with their pace group. A couple years ago, I incorporated pace signs for Maritime Race Weekend and used the honour system to help sort the crowd by pace prior to the start of the race. Most people lined up where they should and it definitely improved course congestion. This year, I’m doing something different… and better.

I’ve borrowed the colour coding concept from the best in the business – Canada Running Series. When runners register, they indicate their estimated finish time. This information will determine the bib colour in their race-kit. On race-day the start-shoot will be organized by bib colour. Our pirate crew will help runners find their ideal spot within the crowd so that that way, everyone just enjoys the route much more.

Our amazing bib designs are collector’s items for swag enthusiasts (you know who you are). Now, it’s also a status symbol. This year I’m introducing elite bibs. Elites will be fast-tracked at race-kit pick-up, they’ll enjoy access to the exclusive pre and post-race recovery area (which include extra porta potties, so no accidents… ) and a tent full of food. Plus elites will be guaranteed a spot at the front of the pack. They’ll be given the VIP treatment that large city races offer, but still enjoy the laid back East Coast atmosphere of Maritime Race Weekend – it’s the best of both worlds.

How does someone earn an elite bib? I’ll be reviewing finish times of registrants to determine elite status. If a runner believes they should have an elite bib, they are encouraged to apply for elite status before August 15. Previous PBs and a short biography outlining race history from the previous two years will be required with applications. Being fast doesn’t guarantee approval though: you also need a positive reputation in the running community for being sportsman-like (previous race volunteer experience helps too). Listen, it’s my race and I’ll do what I want. 

In my books, being a gracious winner and positive part of our running community is just as important as being fast. My race, my rules.




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