They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, I’m going to step back and let these shots do the talking. This will be my shortest blog post because, well, see for yourself… My race medals are here. Feast your eyes on this year’s pirate loot. 

Lets start with my all-time favourite medal: the Captain’s Log. On Saturday morning of race weekend, runners will cross the finish-line and open their medal. Ten lucky pirates will discover a big ruby inside indicating that they’ve won a pair of Brooks running shoes.

If you want to be in the Tartan Trio (a triple challenge on race weekend) and earn this badge of endurance, stop reading this post, go register already. There are only six spots left in the triple challenge so sign up ASAP or forever hold your peace. 

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Does the Tartan Twosome ship wheel spin? Yes, it does.

No words exist in the English language to describe this awesome medal. I want one. And it’s my own race. 

Imagine the view from the ships in the harbour, when 2,500 lighthouse medals are flashing in Fisherman’s Cove at sunset. 



  • Tracey Randem says:

    This event keeps getting better and better! I.Cannot.Wait!! I live for #MRW booty!

  • Troy Bruce says:

    Medals look great as always.An idea for in the future, how about a pirate ship that glows , something like on Pirates of the Caribean type ship with the sails all ripped & stuff

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