In our fifth and final video as part of a trail running video series in partnership with MEC, Canadian Running once again join’s Chris Chapman from MEC Ottawa to discuss the finer points of training for and running a trail race.

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We begin by discussing a few important considerations to make when choosing the ideal trail race to run. This includes things like distance, difficulty and the location of the event. Fortunately, many events offer multiple races of varying distance and difficulty so that beginners and more experienced runners can find the race that’s right for them.

Training and preparing for a trail race isn’t that far off the preparation you’d do for a road race. You should aim to do some intervals for speed, hills for strength and longer runs for endurance. A big advantage can come from getting out on the actual race course to familiarize yourself with the course beforehand.

When it comes to the day of race, things you can do to optimize your experience include checking the weather and knowing the conditions and then coming prepared with the proper gear. Be sure to look at the course maps beforehand so you have an idea where you’re going and what you’re up against. For longer races and those with no support, have a hydration and nutrition strategy for fueling your run. Most importantly, maintain an open mind and a positive outlook. Trail racing should be a fun and personal challenge so worry less about the competition and more about getting the most out of yourself.

Thanks so much for tuning in to this five-part trail running video series in partnership with MEC.

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