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Power Training: Build a More Powerful Stride

Increase your agility on the trails with these power-boosting exercises

Trail running poses different challenges than road running; the undulating, unpredictable terrain not only challenges your footing and balance, but also requires more strength and power to ascend hills or to clear obstacles, all while maintaining forward momentum. If you’re used to running the streets, your body will let you know the day after a trail run that you used your running muscles in a new way.

A great way to develop strength and improve your power output (which require more than just running) is to combine a weighted strength exercise with an unweighted explosive exercise. This technique targets your fast-twitch muscle fibres, which are important for developing force quickly, and improves your body’s ability to absorb and use elastic energy. This will make you feel lighter and more agile on the trails.


Complete this workout once a week. There are two circuits (A and B). Complete all rounds of A before moving to B. Take 30 seconds’ rest between the strength exercise and the explosive exercise and 120 seconds’ rest between rounds. Do three to four rounds of each circuit. When performing the strength exercise, use a challenging weight for the desired number of reps and perform the up-phase of the movement with a quick intent. When performing the explosive exercise, jump as high and as explosively as possible.

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