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Running with your dog

How to train your dog to be your new running partner

With running clubs on hold, many runners who may not have thought of running with their dog have decided that canine company is better than no company. But training a dog to run with you can be challenging. Thankfully, experts like Cassie Cowen, a Saskatoon-based certified service dog trainer, have tips and tricks to tame even the most stubborn and excitable pup.

“Running with your dog is one of my favourite activities to recommend to clients who enjoy running,” says Cowen. “Walks simply aren’t enough for the majority of breeds, and running can be the golden ticket to finally getting your pooch to that ‘fulfilled’ state of mind.”

Young pups and certain breeds have exercise restrictions that limit their ability to run for long distances, so before you start, consult a veterinarian to make sure their heart and joints are ready to run.

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