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How about a glass of maple water after that long run is done and dusted?

Maple products seem to be finding their place in running nutrition lately– and most runners will find no reason to complain about increasing their intake of mother nature’s natural sweetener. Runners have an increasing amount of choice between maple sports gels (hey, our nutritionist even drummed up his own homemade version), maple-based salad dressings or they can use the product as a natural sweetener in coffees or recipes.

While maple syrups are great bases for fast calorie intake towards the end of the long run, maple water can often be overlooked by endurance athletes. One Vermont couple– Kate Weiler and Jeff Rose– aims to change that though.

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DRINKMaple is their product. It’s nothing fancy but it does pack a nutritional punch that is bound to quench the thirst of dehydrated runners in the summertime. It’s the bottled maple water from Vermont trees that the endurance athletes think is an ideal source of hydration for runners. Straight from the tree to the bottle (as they boast on their page) this is a nutritional and healthy post-run beverage that’s natural and has half the sugar content of coconut water– a fitness fanatics longtime go-to for after a sweat session.

Weiler has a masters of Science in Nutrition from North Eastern University and also lists that drinking maple water is a great source of calcium, manganese and other minerals. 

See them take the sap from the tree in the Instagram post below: 

Happy Global Running Day! Get out and enjoy some miles! ?: @borderfreetravels

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Basically, drinking it is a healthy way to hydrate when runners want something with a little more flavour than water but don’t exactly want the unhealthy sugars and additives of fruit juices. Though it’s produced in Vermont, the pair took inspiration from Canadians before getting into the industry. Years ago, when they were in Quebec competing in an Ironman in Mont Tremblant, they kept seeing maple water on the shelves. They were disappointed at not being able to find the product upon their return home.

Will maple water take over for coconut water and become the new trendy workout beverage? That’s uncertain. As Weiler and Rose point out, it’s not exactly a new drink. It is however ideally suited for runners who put in the kilometres and want only clean, natural products for their bodies.

“Native Americans and North American explorers began tapping maple water hundreds of years ago,” the couple writes on their site. “We consider those explorers the first in a long line of active, energetic folks who find refreshment, replenishment and hydration in cool, clear maple water.”


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