April 17, 2017 may seem far off now but those four months are sure to go by quickly. 

For runners who are entered into the prestigious American race, thoughts about training and getting into the best possible racing condition are going to consume the chilly winter months.

Now, Adidas has this year’s version of the iconic Boston Marathon jacket up on their site. Each year, the race– which many runners see as a championship event– comes out with a unique jacket design. Runners who qualify for the race can participate in the cheerful, festive spirit by slipping into the Celebration Jacket with the Boston logo. 

“Zip into this Boston Marathon jacket and join a running tradition that dates back to 1897,” Adidas has written on their site.

This year, it looks like Adidas has gone with a standard blue colourway– nothing too controversial, as opposed to previous years. The other option for runners is to wear a blue jacket with a classic yellow stripe.

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Panels on the jacket are reflective with the embroidered logo made to be glow-in-the-dark. That makes it ideal for night running. Not only will vehicles and other runners on the road be able to spot Boston Marathon runners, but if they are in the running scene, they’ll also recognize easily what the iconic jacket represents.

As the big jacket reveal goes, this one is sure to bring on a love-it-or-hate-it debate. What are your thoughts on this year’s design?  


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