One lucky runner has survived a near-fatal mid-run accident thanks to a City of Ottawa worker and bystander.

A man in his sixties was out for a run in Ottawa on Wednesday morning when his heart stopped and he collapsed.

He was out for his morning workout in Neill Nesbitt Park at 8:40 a.m. according to The CBC. He was found after collapsing by the city worker and the bystander who called for paramedics and performed CPR until they arrived. 

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When the paramedics arrived, they gave the man two shocks with the defibrillator and an injection of epinepherine to resuscitate him. According to the news article, he began breathing and was soon able to move on his own. Due to privacy issues, the man has not been named.

He was brought to hospital in stable condition after the rescue. The fact that the city worker and bystander came together to give the runner CPR was a key component in his survival.

“CPR initiated by bystanders is one of the crucial links of the chain of survival for cardiac arrests,” paramedic spokesperson Marc-Antoine Deschamps wrote in the media release.

“Without this important step, chances of survival are greatly diminished. The City of Ottawa park worker and bystander worked together to save that man’s life.”


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