A runner from Longueuil, Que. discovered what may have been a rather dark and twisted trap on a recent run.

While running along a bike path, the runner planted his foot on a hidden plank with nails protruding from it. His friend and running partner Sébastien Servant took to Facebook to warn other runners in the area to pay close attention and be careful on the runs.

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“Made an exit on the bike trail at Marie Victorin Park in Longueuil and we got caught. Someone set a trap with screws in a sheet of paper. Result injury for a runner… to be really careful,” he said.

From what it looks like, and as a Montreal Gazette article indicated, someone planted the beam with about 20 exposed nails underneath a pile of leaves along the bike bath. Servant said it looked deliberate especially because they found another plank not far off.

While the runners assumed the beam was a trap, the paper also reported though that when authorities looked into it, they did not find any other planks and thought that considering that a construction site is nearby, the incident was not intentional. 



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