Become the strongest and most efficient runner you can possibly be. Runners are notorious for neglecting any physical activity that doesn’t come naturally. (Read: you ignore your strength work!) Simple strength and toning exercises added in on a rest day or after a workout will work wonders on your form in the long run. 

To demystify the whole strength workout, we’ve spent some time with Brittany Moran of the Runner’s Academy to create a video series of essential exercises. Following along couldn’t be more easy. 

First up: the lunge to high step. 

Why runners want to do it: Include this one in your fitness routine to work on leg muscles necessary for running and develop a better, stronger and more efficient stride. One tip: as Moran mentions, don’t do this on a quality day of running– in other words don’t tire your muscles out right before those sets of hard intervals. 

Step it up: Add a weight or medicine ball to add an extra challenge. 



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