Becoming a stronger and more efficient runner means that you have to do more than just run. Runners, grin and bear it: the strength work has got to be done. Sometimes it can be difficult for endurance athletes to know which exercises to focus their time and energy on. That’s why, this spring, we demystify this issue and bring you a series of quick strength moves to do to improve your overall form. 

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The single leg hip hinge with row is one we like to emphasize. To include this into the workout routine, simply watch the instructional video above and follow along. Ideally, runners should be doing this on a day that does not follow or precede a physically taxing workout. (I.e. adding strength work in after your long run is maybe not such a great ideas.) 

So why do we advise this move? It improves a runner’s stability in each leg meaning it will increase strength and reduce injuries that can occur when jumping from one leg to another over an extended time period. In other words, it makes legs stronger and better able to handle the movements involved in running. 

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The reasons why the weighted “rowing” arm movement is added in is to crank the level of difficulty up a notch and also to give the upper body a bit of a workout. 

Give it a try and let us know how it works! 


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