Children running

Sometimes it pays to finish last. 

That was the case for one Japanese child who became the winner of an elementary school race despite seemingly being the last to cross the finish line. 

At the kid’s race in Kasaoka Okayama, Japan, on Feb. 5, students ranging from grades three to six lined up at the start line to compete over a 3K distance. Once the race started though, it ended up taking a bit of a different direction… literally. 

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Course officials accidentally pointed the students in the wrong direction. Of the 263 students, 262 of them ran the incorrect course, according to a translated report in website Japan Running News. The runners ended up completing the wrong course which wound up being slightly less than the intended 3K and so, they were disqualified.

As the race progressed, it was found that only one student ran the proper 3K route. At that point, city officials decided to honour that child as the real winner.

Imagine the surprise to the young runner once finding out that all 262 classmates’ results had been scrapped! The student was recognized as being the winner and the only finisher. 


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