team kenya rio olympics 2016

Team Kenya appears to be in chaos just days after the end of the Rio Olympic Games.

Despite having their best-ever showing at the recent Rio Olympics–taking home six gold, six silver and one bronze medal, all of them in athletics–Kenya’s National Olympic Committee (NOCK) has been disbanded by the government.

Kenya’s sport minister Haasan Wario made the announcement earlier today in the aftermath of multiple problems that presented during the recent Rio Olympic Games.

Among the many claims which brought on the action: botched travel arrangements, resource mismanagement, unpaid allowances, new doping scandals and non-accredited officials.

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Wesley Korir, Team Kenya’s captain, marathon runner and member of parliament–as well as husband to Canadian distance runner Tarah Korir–tweeted out a number of alarming messages concerning the situation he and fellow athletes were facing after the conclusion of the Olympic Games.

But the Games are over. Why are Kenyan athletes still in Rio? Because according to Korir…

These tweets highlight a clear disconnect and in some cases outward hostility between Kenyan athletes and the officials and organizations that govern them.

It was reported that several hundred individuals–mostly family and friends of high ranking officials–had traveled to Rio to enjoy the Games using money and resources reserved for the team.

Nike had also apparently provided 1,900 team kits for Kenyan athletes, coaches, trainers and officials, yet many complained that they had only received one kit for training and one for competing. It is speculated that a majority of the team kits were sold on the black market back in Kenya.

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