As most female runners know, the wrong sports bra can ruin a run. Sports bras can be one of the most frustrating gear items to shop for and if you’ve been running for any length of time, it’s likely that there are a few disappointing purchases sitting in the drawer. 

That’s why, as we prepare for the spring season, we aim to demystify the hunt for the best sports bra. This season, keep an eye on our site for regular sports bra reviews to help figure out which style is suitable for your personal needs. 

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This week, we’re taking a look at a model from New Balance: The Power Bra which retails for $64.99

Which runner will this work for?

The first thing to note: size. Not every sports bra is going to work for every runner– that would be impossible. This one is available for runners ranging from 32A to 42DD. Runners who do fit those sizes will find that the fit is quite accurate with both the band and straps being adjustable just to make sure it’s extra snug. Many runners now are starting to look to invest only in a running bra that’s going to fit to their specific band/cup size. If you’re particular about sizing in this way, this is a valid option. 

It definitely fits in the high support category and is best suited for curvier runners who need the extra support. There are a number of practical features that we liked about the Power Bra. After taking a close look, we feel that New Balance’s construction of this sports bra proves that quality is all in the details.

The straps are possibly its best point and they were the feature we first noticed. Chances are, it you’re someone looking for a maximum support bra (particularly in a C cup or beyond), you’ve been victim to flimsy straps or ones that gouge into the back and shoulders. If you’re someone who regularly sees red marks or even cuts from poorly-made straps, this bra should be on your radar. The straps on this are wide, strong, adjustable, and mostly importantly, gel infused in the most high-pressure spots to eliminate discomfort. And they don’t look dorky. Nice! 

We prefer to see padding that’s built in to the bra as opposed to removable inserts. The Power Bra checks that box. This bra uses form-fitting cups that do not constrict movement or feel awkward. It’s nice to see athletic brands giving runners supportive cups without going overboard (we’re not looking for a push-up bra here!). 

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Style points

New Balance deserves a shout-out for understanding that providing maximum support doesn’t mean you get to slack on aesthetics. (Seriously, what’s with all the granny panty-like styles offered to larger-busted women?) The look here is slick, simple and not too fussy. In areas that typically get over-heated (think straps and mid-section), the Power Bra includes some nice breezy mesh. And it’s in a different shade from the rest of the bra which is definitely an eye-catching little touch. Again, sometimes, it’s all in the details! 

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