In fall, fast runners need healthy and highly nutritional goodness on that dinner plate in order to keep strong enough to tally up those kilometres. When temperatures drop, thing heat up in the kitchen. If the cooking motivation has fallen a bit flat, we’ve got some meal suggestions that should keep runners’ appetites satisfied. These curry recipes are runner friendly in that they are mild, stuffed with all the right veggies and shouldn’t cause tummy problems while running. Hint: recipes describe as “kid friendly” are usually good enough for runners too.

Chickpea and butternut squashTake advantage of fresh and ripe seasonal vegetables in your cooking this fall. Butternut squash is a great root vegetable option to use in as many dishes as possible this time of year. This curry combines squash, onion, garlic, spinach and cilantro to make for a vegetarian dish that should be safe for consumption before an evening run.

Mild vegetable coconut curry soupOf course we’ve got our vegan-friendly recipe included to keep our vegans fueled to run fast. A bowl of this stuff is a burst of sharp flavours great for a warm-up after an outdoor workout in fall. Runners can always bulk it up by adding in some sliced potatoes or extra kale.

Cottage cheese and spinach green currySpinach is one of the runner’s favourite foods and for good reason. Many runners need to keep careful watch to make sure the iron levels are where they should be. This green curry will provide that extra boost. It’s also a nice recipe to shake things up from your typical curry. One adjustment would be to go easy on the green chili peppers or to go without.

Vegetarian curried lentil soupRunners love their chickpeas and lentils and this soup will instantly become a

dinner favourite. Make extra and store and keep for lunches for the week ahead. Lentils and chickpeas are a healthy choice to up the protein. This recipe calls for curry powder–  it’s in a runner’s best interest to choose mild.

Lamb coconut curryThis dish is the definition of hearty and so runners are going to want to eat after the run to recover and replenish. Eating it before the run will just feel too heavy in the stomach. Many will want to make it more mild by cutting out the chili pepper– you won’t even miss it, it’s flavourful enough as it is.


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