Thinking of booking a summer vacation with your favourite running friend, eh? Don’t. We know who this person really is and we’re going to tell you what will happen if you bring this runner on your trip. Love them you may, but count them out before you commit to your holiday plans. We’re going to let you in on a few secrets that happens when a runner goes on vacation. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Travelling with a runner? Here’s just a few lines you’re bound to hear… just bite your tongue.  

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1. Booked a morning activity? Too bad, I’m getting in my mileage. 

It cannot be missed. I will be free in the afternoon, however I may be tired. 

2. Want to go sight-seeing? Been there, done that… on yesterday’s run. 

Yes, that lighthouse you put on the itinerary months ago is quite picturesque. I know because I went without you.

3. I’d go on that hike but I’m saving my legs. 

Sounds great though! Have fun! 

4. Sorry did I wake you? Vacation or no vacation, I always run at 6:15.a.m.

What? It’s my routine. 

5. Yes I’ll have a cocktail on the beach, but I’m calling it a night at 10:30 p.m.

I can have one or two though! Wild. 

6. I’m listening, I’m just tracking how many kilometres the plane has covered and if it’s on pace to land at 11:00 a.m. 

It’s a habit and I’m feeling rather cooped up. Please don’t judge me… although you should. 

7. You said you wanted a “chill” weekend so I booked us for a calming hike in the woods, yoga, a relaxing paddle in the river and maybe an easy run if you’re in. 

All of these activities are extremely relaxing. 

8. I know we’re in Dublin, but can we eat Italian again? 

The plainer, the better. 

9. The note said “Be back soon.” Sorry that wasn’t specific enough. 

It was a shorter run than usual though… 

10. No, I didn’t disappear, I went for a run. Calm down. 

I have no idea why you would be worried. 

11. Before we go, I just need to stretch, shower… and eat. I’m ravenous! 

I’ll be ready in two hours. 

12. This picnic spot is the best place to run. Be back in 20!* 



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  • SamDumcum says:

    Lol that’s a bad travel buddy. The only time it should be like that is A or B races.

    Definitely run the site seeing first, learn the routes.
    Run early, take pics when there’s no people!
    And think of all the running and walking as stacking workouts!

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