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5 winter running hacks to dressing better for the weather

How to layer the running clothes you probably already own

Most places in Canada have experienced at least their first snowfall of the year (while others have had several snowstorms). The first snow brings with it the startling realization that you’re, once again, a winter runner. Here are some tips and tricks that use articles of clothing most runners already own and will help keep you warm and drastically improve your winter running experience. 

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Wear shorts under your tights

Wearing shorts under your tights is an easy way to add a layer around your glutes and hips, two key areas for fluid running. You can purchase shorts that are specially made to go under your winter running tights, but really, any tight shorts you’d wear in the summer will also do the trick. 

Always tuck in your shirt

It looks super nerdy, but tucking your shirt into your pants is great for warmth, and also for keeping everything in place. If you skip this step, it’s easy for your shirt to creep up, and by the time you’re done running, its become more of a bunched-up bra than a shirt. 

Wear your watch over your long sleeve

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The little bit of wrist skin that gets exposed around your watch can easily freeze. When you’re suiting up, remember to put your watch over your long sleeve so this patch of skin doesn’t get blasted with cold air. You’ll sacrifice the accuracy of your heart rate a little bit, but your un-frostbitten wrists will thank you. 

Long socks are here to stay

Once nerdy but now borderline cool, high socks have hit the running mainstream. While wearing crew-height socks in the summer months is a fashion choice, in the winter it’s a key piece of any outfit. High socks will not only ensure your ankles are protected from the snow, if they’re compression socks, they also lend a little bit of support to the Achilles tendon. Also, long socks never slip off your heels and into your shoes (one of the most annoying sock mishaps). If you don’t own crew-height socks, they’re a relatively cheap and effective running investment. 

Whether you wear them over or under your tights is up to you. 

Always bring a change of clothes

If you’re grabbing coffee after your run, or just have a bit of a drive home, bring a change of comfy clothes to throw on. Within a few minutes of sitting down, your sweat will get damp and cold and you’ll develop a chill. If you don’t change, the best-case scenario is that you’re uncomfortable. The worst-case scenario is that you get a cold. 

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