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A breakdown of the shoes worn by world major marathon medallists

Of the 36 world major medallists, 25 were wearing Nike. That's almost 70 percent

Eliud Kipchoge

The world major marathons have concluded for 2018. The world majors includes: Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. These marathons are some of the largest and most well-renowned marathons in the world. 

Nike Vaporfly 4%
Photo: Matt Stetson

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The running shoes guru broke down the data and not surprisingly, the shoe that was most common in line-up was the Nike Vaporfly 4%, or a specialty version of the shoe. Of the 36 world major medallists, 25 were wearing Nike. That’s almost 70 percent.

Of the 12 winners, eight were wearing Nike. Adidas came in second in the overall tally with six podium finishers and two winners. Other brands included were Brooks, Asics, Saucony and New Balance. 

Boston Marathon-themed shoes
Adidas adiZero adios Boost. Photo: sneakernews.com.

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Nike’s dominant marathon shoe could soon find itself on the track as well. A recent study by Kyle Barnes out of Grand Valley State University examined running economy in track spikes versus marathon racing shoes. They found, “Nine of the participants (four male, five female) in this study had competed in 3K or 5K races in their own racing shoes (spikes for all nine aforementioned participants) before participating in this study, and then again over the same respective distance in NVF shoes.” In their sub-sample of nine runners, when wearing the Vaporfly’s the runners improved by 1.9 per cent over their respective performances in their own spikes.