If you’re a runner who lives in a cold climate, you know how important the right socks are. Crew height socks are great for the winter because they keep your ankles covered, but should they be worn on the inside or outside of your tights?

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Running gear can be polarizing. There are a few debates about what’s considered proper running attire that can cause friends to become enemies, relationships to dissolve and lines to be drawn, and we still haven’t decided what the right way to wear socks is. Our office is split on the topic, and it seems the the split is generational. The millennial employees are into socks over tights, but the baby boomers and gen X-ers among us are partial to hiding their socks. 

Socks: Darn Tough. Photo: Matt Stetson.

I’m of the opinion that it should be socks over tights, for the very simple reason that I think it looks better and is more functional. My colleagues disagree with me and suggest that tights over socks is the only way. To settle this very silly but all too real running debate, I went on two very snowy runs: one with my socks over my tights, and the other with my tights over my socks. 

Socks: Darn Tough. Photo: Matt Stetson.

Which actually keeps you warmer and dryer

Socks over tights is the style I’m partial to, but is it more effective in cold weather and snow than its arguably more fashionable counterpart? It turns out that it is. On a snowy day in Toronto, I did a double, meaning that I ran both in the morning and evening. During my morning run, I wore my socks outside my tights and in the evening I switched. I genuinely found that my tights stayed in place better and my ankles were warmer with socks over top than the other way around.  I wore Darn Tough’s crew height socks over and under the same pair of tights on both runs. While my older colleagues suggest that this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing running look, I consider this debate settled. Team socks over tights comes out on top. 

Socks: Darn Tough. Photo: Matt Stetson.

If you’re looking for a pair of socks to keep your feet dry and warm this winter Darn Tough has you covered. Their lineup of premium merino wool socks are made in the USA and guaranteed for life. You don’t make claims like that if your socks don’t work. And frankly, no matter which way you prefer to wear your socks, Darn Tough can help keep your feet happy this winter.