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Shock Absorber’s Ultimate Fly Bra ditches padding while still providing adequate support

Gone are the days when high support calls for heavy padding

For female runners, sports bras can be the most annoying piece of gear to look for. Finding a brand and a style that actually fits and supports the way it should can be quite the mission. Settling doesn’t really work either as finding a functional, comfortable piece is essential for all your runs and workouts. The proper sports bra is, arguably, even more important than getting the perfect pair of shoes.

If you’re serious about your running, Shock Absorber needs to be on your radar and their new Ultimate Fly Bra is the answer to your prayers. 

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The features

OK so there are several features of this bra that make it a top-notch option. Right away, the most obvious one is the criss-crossing design over the breasts. When putting this bra on, women will notice that these designs hug to the curves in order to enhance the support that the bra is able to deliver. This Cross Control technology that the brand created supports internal and external breast movements. The reason why it’s going to feel super supportive is because Shock Absorber has fused together three layers of fabric and then moulded the bra to fit to the anatomical shape of the breasts while laser cutting the cross design. 

That’s the most technical design element. Another thing that stands out: the lightness of the bra. Designed to feel like a second skin, the body of the bra is breezy and slick feeling. We’re moving away from sports bras that are overly padded, restrictive and feel like armor. Where “high support” used to mean wires and thick padding, it doesn’t anymore. Thankfully, runners’ skin can actually breathe (which is kind of essential when running and sweating for over an hour…). The Ultimate Fly Bra doesn’t come with padding and it doesn’t need it. The back panel is made completely of mesh to keep it light and sweat wicking and the cut-outs from the criss-cross design also make it one of the most well-ventilated bras a woman can own. 


It’s all in the details and the makers of the Ultimate Fly Bra don’t skimp out. Both the straps and band are adjustable so runners can get that custom fit. The straps are also no slip and lightly padded to feel comfortable on the shoulders and avoid skin irritation. Seams lie flat as well so runners shouldn’t feel an unnecessary digging. One detail that is pretty common in Shock Absorber bras is the mid upper back strap. The purpose of adding in this feature is to disperse where the weight carried. Having this second straps ensures that the design is more efficient in providing better support.


This bra is versatile enough that it could suit the needs of a broad range of body types. The main thing to note though is that the cup sizes range from A to F so that signifies that they were keeping many body types in mind with its creation. (If you struggle to find a quality sports bra in a larger cup size, Shock Absorber should probably be on your radar.) 

The bra’s price is listed online as $72.