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Why this is the ultimate bra for fuller-chested runners

For fuller-chested women, Shock Absober solves all sports bra-related frustrations.

It’s common for female runners to be more picky about their sports bras than their shoes. Hey, both items of gear are absolutely essential and a malfunction can make the run miserable. Sifting through the racks or scrolling through items online to find the perfect style, fit and support level can be an absolute nightmare. There’s so much on the market, all the options can be dizzying.

Women who are fuller figured or who wear larger cup sizes often feel that getting a proper sports bra is more complicated than all of the elements of training combined. There’s a big group that says it’s a downright headache. It shouldn’t be that way.

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For women, especially those who wear beyond a D cup, Shock Absorber is a true life-saver. Put simply: this is a brand that gets it. Where many other brands will dress you head to toe for your training, Shock Absorber does mainly sports bras. And they do them well. This group actually monitors women of all sizes as they run to figure out how breasts move while the runner is in motion. Then, they construct bras to suit the needs of many different body types. 


We tried out several of their models and found that the Ultimate Run Bra works every time. 

Price: $69.90

Sizes: Cup sizes range from A to G. 

Why we love it

When many runners think of a high support bra, they think it’s going to come with tons of padding. On a hot summer day, that’s just super uncomfortable. (Sweat-logged cups? No thanks!) This bra actually uses no padding at all which is incredibly impressive given how supportive it is. Instead of relying on heavy cushioning, Shock Absorber uses a fabric that hugs close to the body to limit movement.

The structure of this bra is all in the straps. The generic sports bra will have a back and shoulder straps. The Ultimate run bra however uses two back straps (oh, and shout-out to Shock Absorber for throwing in this design element without sacrificing the overall look of the garment). By adding in that second strap, weight from the front of the body is distributed more evenly. The result: runners feel less bounce on the run and the bra becomes much stronger. Fuller-chested runners are bound to be reaching for this one above all others in the drawer because it’s trustworthy. It gives the support that it should so runners don’t have to worry about uncomfortable bouncing. 

One major criticism that other running brands are receiving is that the sizes often top out at a D or DD cup. That’s a fair criticism. Because Shock Absorber focuses on running bras though, they are able to include those sizes that are often difficult to find. For that, the brand deserves a huge amount of praise. It works in their favour too– they’re a leading name because of it. This specific item is available in cups up to G. Some styles by the brand are made up to HH. If you want a reliable sports bra, this is it.