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Apple finally frees runners, cuts cord on headphones

Say goodbye to all that cord tangling on the run...


Annoying headphone cords could be a thing of the past.

Runners can happily say their goodbyes to the cords that only seem to bounce, tangle and get in the way during the run. It turns out that murmurings about the new iPhone’s wireless headphones are true. Those who buy the new iPhone 7 will notice that it is without a standard phone feature: the headphone jack.

Instead, the new phone comes with what Apple is calling “AirPods.” These little “pods” are headphones but without the wire. The device comes with a cord for charging the ear pieces which allow about five hours of listening on a single charge (so they will easily stay charged for an evening workout session or your longest Sunday long run).



For those traditional runners out there who are unwilling to adapt to this change, Apple has included a headphone jack adapter. So if you’re unwilling to cut the cord, you don’t actually have to.

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One other handy (and functional) feature that runners will appreciate is that the device is water resistant.

That means that those who are used to running with their phone won’t have to worry when the weather gets snowy or stormy. And let’s be honest: we will rest well knowing our phones are protected from damage on those sweaty runs.

The iPhone 7 comes out in stores on Sept. 16.