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The latest in compression gear: Asics Finish Advantage Tight

The Asics Finish Advantage Tight is the latest in compression running gear from the Japan-based sportswear brand and will have runners going longer and faster.

Asics Finish Advantage Tight

For Canadians, winter running means trying to stay warm, effectively, without adding on too many layers. That’s particularly relevant for a runner’s bottom half. Enter the new Asics Finish Advantage Tight.

The high-performance tights claim to double muscle support compared to a regular pair of running tights including in four primary areas for runners: core, knees, quads and calves. The added support becomes apparent both when you put on the tights as well as when you flip the compression bottoms inside out. (In the below photo, you may also notice an added panel in the groin area for added comfort.) The tights actually felt almost springy on first wear and had us itching to go for a run.

Asics Finish Advantage Tight
The reverse side of the tights.

Basically, panels of material are combined, all with varying degrees of stretchability, to accommodate for the different muscle groups. Fortunately, there are minimal seams along the inside of the tights making them comfortable and reducing the chances of chafing. Any stitching on the inner side of the tights is smooth and shouldn’t cause any sort of discomfort.

The most prominent area of support is around the knee as the medial and lateral support aims to provide stability through to the calf. (The support looks like “x”s in the knee area.) Though it may not be apparent on every stride, the Asics Finish Advantage Tight definitely feels tight, as they should, in the most important areas for runners.

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In terms of warmth, Canadian Running tested the tights in weather as cold as -10 C and as warm as 0 C. We would recommend wearing a base layer under the Asics tights in weather cooler than -3 C, especially if there are strong winds, for added protection and warmth. There was some discomfort in cold conditions with wearing just the tights as CR learned the hard way.

Aesthetically, the Asics Finish Advantage Tight has a nice tinge of shine and the strategically placed logos have a purpose: visibility at night. There are also additional reflective patches on both ankles to keep runners safe in sight wherever your winter running adventures take you. The cuffs around the ankles are snug so the tights don’t ride up exposing any skin (if you wear low-cut socks, that is) and we like that there is no zipper at the bottom as it reduces any chance of breakage.

Though the high-performance tights do have an inner waist pocket large enough to carry cash and keys, there is no zippered pocket. The inner pocket is also too small to hold a credit or debit card if you have a habit of carrying that added safety measure on runs. A zippered pocket would add some reassurance for runners knowing that their personal belongings are firmly in place.

Overall, the Asics Finish Advantage Tight offers something a bit different compared to regular running tights in that it combines differing levels of compression and stretch depending on leg region. With years of research put into the tights, Asics retails the line for $149.99. While suitable for warmer winter conditions, the Asics Finish Advantage Tight will be particularly suitable for late-winter or early-spring weather.

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The Asics Finish Advantage Tight is available for men and women and went to market on Jan. 1, 2017. Check for the Asics compression gear at your local running retailer today.