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ASICS releases spikeless spikes

Introducing the ASICS Metasprint, the spikeless sprinting spike

Last week, ASICS announced a new lineup of shoes that includes their carbon-plated marathon shoe, their bounciest volleyball shoe, and a spikeless pair of track spikes. That’s right–spikeless. The Metasprint uses carbon-plated technology to give sprinters explosive speed without the weight of an actual pin (they only weigh 136g per shoe).


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Reduced contact time

The idea behind the shoe is to reduce contact time with the ground, because the more time spent on the ground, the more power lost. ASICS says that losing the spikes does two things: it promotes power and makes them one of the lightest sprinting shoes on the market. This is an interesting development as sprinting spikes have traditionally been much heavier than distance spikes, due to what’s known as the full plate on the bottom of the shoe. This plate was usually made of a stiff plastic, designed to secure the spikes and keep sprinters in an aggressive running position.

These spikes also boast better traction due to the increased contact with the ground (in traditional spikes, the metal pins do the gripping whereas with these shoes, it’s the honeycomb outsole). The outsole is built up at high contact areas of the sole, in a similar pattern to where the traditional pins would sit on the bottom of the shoe.

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The upper

The upper is made of a supportive mesh that’s reinforced by a panel to increase stability. The upper is the same colourway at the Metaracer (Sunrise Red, which symbolizes the city of Tokyo and the nation of Japan). The shoe was set to be used at the upcoming Olympic Games that have since been delayed one year.

The shoe becomes available as of April 17 in Japan.