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Bra review: lululemon AirSupport

Here's a bra that actually works well for bigger-breasted runners

Photo by: lululemon

For those of us with larger breasts, finding a good running bra has always been a struggle. I’ve always either doubled up on sports bras, endured cuts on my shoulders from straps that consistently rub, or had to wear highly compressive and uncomfortable bras. But the first thing I noticed when I put on my 32D lululemon AirSupport Bra ($98 CDN) was that it felt comfortable – and I assumed it probably would not work very well for running. Luckily, I was wrong.

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Photo: lululemon

The AirSupport Bra was designed to support runners with C-DDD cup sizes during high-impact activities (such as running), but it doesn’t feel like the other high-impact bras I’ve worn. Lululemon says it designed the bra to manage movement across the entire bra design, not just through the straps and under band, like some other brands. 

On a hot day I set off on a run wearing the AirSupport Bra. Before I even reached the end of my street I realized that, despite feeling comfortable, the bra was doing a great job of keeping my breasts in place. 

The AirSupport looks clean and almost unassuming—it’s free of some of the more aggressive strapped-in designs I’ve seen on many larger sports bras. The material, lululemon’s proprietary Ultralu fabric, is soft and smooth. I tested the black/asphalt grey colourway, but it also comes in tidewater teal/vapor and brier rose/pink puff. 

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Photo: lululemon

The body of the bra is made of an injected foam, which gives it a distinct form and a bit of rigidity. Shape-wise, the AirSupport bra has a separate concave indentation for each breast, which seemed to help mitigate the extreme amounts of sweat I normally generate on hot days (or at least made me less conscious of it). 

This bra felt comfortable and appropriate to wear shirtless. I’m so used to wearing sports bras that create a uni-boob that I thought it looked almost strange under a shirt, distinctly demonstrating that I do, in fact, have two breasts. 

Photo: lululemon

I also tested the AirSupport bra on a hike, to see how it felt to wear for a full day. The straps in the back are crossed and adjustable and have pads to help with any discomfort. Wearing the bra for a number of hours, I did become conscious of the straps touching my neck by the end of it, though I realized I had them tightened for running, and not for lower-impact movement. 

The AirSupport bra has a clasp on the back, but the criss-crossed straps mean it has to be put on like a bra with no clasp (over your head). Though lululemon offers the bra in different band sizes, I appreciate the three sets of hooks on the clasp. I (and many other women with larger breasts) will see distinct changes in breast size throughout my menstrual cycle, so the option of a size adjustment is always helpful. 

AirSupport Bra. Photo: lululemon

The AirSupport bra was designed for running, and that’s what it is best suited for. I was impressed with how it managed to feel comfortable but still held my breasts in place. For $98 it’s not the cheapest product, but the quality of the material is clear and the extensively researched design holds up to lululemon’s claims.