Brooks releases Maritime-themed Boston Marathon limited edition shoe

These salty dogs go will be available on March 22 for a limited time

March 20th, 2018 by | Posted in Running Gear | Tags: , , ,

If you like a shoe that’s a conversation-starter you’ll never be at a loss for words with Brooks’ new limited edition Boston Launch 5. With its springy lobster-printed midsole (not to mention tide-chart markings to guide you), this shoe takes “jaunty design” to a new level.

(And speaking of blue lobsters, we learned this is actually a real, though very rare phenomenon. National Geographic reports that approximately one in 2 million lobsters produces too much of a certain protein, turning its shell a brilliant blue. At least two have been caught in American waters in recent years.)

The anchors and coiled ropes on an ocean-blue upper (with yellow accents) will inspire memories of your favourite Maritime beach holiday, and will have you humming sea shanties as you sail through spring training runs. Those in your wake will read “Run Wicked Happy 2018” emblazoned on each of your heels.

East coasters can win a pair by registering for the Tidal Trail Run (June 3) or Maritime Race Weekend (September) by midnight Friday, March 23. 

To be notified when the model goes on sale, text “LTDSHOES” to 33233.

Or, of course, if you happen to be in Boston during marathon weekend, they will also be available at the Brooks expo booth, no doubt.