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Coros announces new training platform called Training Hub

Coros Training Hub will sync free with Coros watch owners but will also have connections with Garmin and Polar users

Photo by: Photo: Coros

Another performance wearables company is creating a web-based training platform. Coros has announced that it would be launching Coros Training Hub, a platform where athletes and coaches can interact with each other. The brand discovered a need for an innovative platform that can respond to the evolving training needs of today’s athletes and coaches. 

Some of the features that are offered on Coros Training Hub aren’t available on other training platforms such as Strava and Training Peaks. If you are familiar with Training Peaks, the Coros Training Hub platform has a lot of similar training data and offers new perks for coaches. The new team-view feature allows coaches to see how their athletes are progressing. Coros Training Hub has a calendar view screen that shows a predictive model of future fitness and fatigue based on the athlete’s current training. The interface is designed to enhance athlete-coach communication, where coaches can design workouts for their athletes based on data analysis and their strengths.

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Athletes’ training dashboard on Training Hub, showing their weekly training load, performance and seven-day fatigue trend. Photo: Coros

The new platform also has simple training charts to give coaches and athletes an easy-to-understand view of their running data. Additionally, both coaches and athletes can search through a library of workouts, which can be dragged and dropped into their workout calendar, and search for previous activities by distance or date. “Coaching plays a critical role in every athlete’s success and Coros Training Hub plans to serve as the catalyst platform to boost athlete performance,” said Coros CEO Lewis Wu in a press release. 

Athletes’ training calendar on Training Hub, showing their weekly workouts and training load. Photo: Coros

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Coros Training Hub will sync free with Coros watch users, but the platform will also have connections for Garmin and Polar owners. The platform will be partly released in a beta version this month but only to the first 2,000 users who sign up for early release. The full platform will be released to the public in the new year.