Spring cleaning goal: toss all poorly made sports bras. 

Sports bras that offer little to no support, don’t hold their shape or are a chafe disaster waiting to happen are, sadly, aplenty. If you’re a female runner who has been running for any length of time at all, it’s likely that you’ve owned at least one nightmare sports bra in your life. As seasoned runners know, the wrong sports bra can make for a miserable run.

Eliminate this misery from your life by investing in a high quality, high support bra that will take you through the long runs and workouts without any irritation. The Brooks Juno bra is a high support bra retailing for $65. We gave it a test this spring during a variety of paces. 

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Price: $65

What we liked: 

There were many key features that we liked when wearing this one out for our runs. This one first caught our eye because of its fun, bold colours. The bright, punchy tones will add a playful look to any outfit this spring. Speaking of style, another key feature that we liked is that it provides a bit more coverage than most other sports bras. The neckline is higher which many runners will find gives a more flattering overall look while also adding increased.

In regards to support, we felt that this hugs curves well for both low impact and higher impact activities. That’s likely because Brooks has built in form-fitting molded cups (no underwire) to create support that’s successful while not limiting a runner’s motion. Along with the higher cut, we like that that straps and band are adjustable. A cross-back is the way to go for many runners because straps won’t fall down, it’s easy to get on and off, and athletic women can participate in a wide range of exercises knowing that it’s going to stay put. 

This is definitely a trustworthy high support bra. We felt that while it can work for a variety of body shapes, Brooks has designed it with the fuller-chested runner in mind. One criticism that many fuller-figured women have of other sports bras is that they’re often designed first for a smaller figure and then adjusted to fit a larger bust. That’s not the case with the Juno. The higher neckline, wide straps and reliable built-in support are proof– plus, it starts at a C cup! 

Sizes available:

Band sizes in this style start at 30 and go up to 40. Where many brands cap their cup sizes at D or DD, this one goes to EE and starts at C. 

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  • Marlene Cox says:

    Where can you buys these Shock Absorber bras?

  • Diana says:

    This bra looks comfortable and stylish. I have been using sports bra regularly while I go for a run, I really don’t like the looks of the high impact sports bras, But I still use a bit trendy and stylish ones.

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