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Cutting-edge running tech from CES 2020

This year's CES running tech had a focus on injury prevention. Here are innovative tools you can expect to see on the market in the coming months

CES is a Las Vegas tech conference that takes place in the first week of January. The event showcases brand’s latest and most innovative products. Every year the event includes the latest and greatest fitness technology and here’s a list of the futuristic running products you can expect to see on the market in the coming months.

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BodyEnergy hand-powered treadmill

This piece cardio equipment is elliptical meets treadmill. The idea behind the BodyEnergy treadmill is that it’s a greener and safe alternative to motorized machines–because it uses your body’s energy to propel itself.

While we love the sustainability initiative, we’re not sure that running while pumping handles is the easiest thing. But if you think you can coordinate the motion, then this treadmill could be a great choice for you.

Asics Glideride smart shoes


According to Asics, the more your ankle flexes, the less efficient you are at running. Inefficiencies in your stride leads to energy wasted over your miles. While there are many other smart shoes on the market, like the Under Armour Infinite, Asics focuses on efficiency whereas UA and other brands focus on speed, distance and training metrics.

The Asics smart shoe can tell you about discrepancies between your left and right legs and how to make them more even. The shoe don’t just give you feedback, they also give you practical ways you can make changes to your form.

Aftershokz Aeropex Mini

The Aeropex mini are your favourite headphones but with a smaller band. The 9.5mm reduction in band size allows the sound system to fit closer to your head so that there’s less movement during your run. Another good addition is the connection to Google which allows the runner to summon the Assistant mid workout. These headphones are an ideal companion for your run.

SmartyPans Cookwear

This cookwear brand makes a nutrition-tracking and recipe-recording cooking implements that can help runners make sure they’re getting the food they need.

The pan measures and weights ingredients as the runner cooks, letting them know exactly what they’re eating from nutritional standpoint. On top of this feature, the pan records recipes so the user doesn’t have to. If you’re someone who likes to cook off-script but wants to remember what you made, this is an ideal cooking companion.

NURVV iPhone connected insoles

Photo: NURVV insoles

NURVV insoles are designed to give a runner feedback on their stride, cadence, pronation, foot strike and balance. The insoles provide similar data to the above Asics shoe, but the benefit is that if you’re not an Asics runner (or you have multiple shoes on the go at once) you’re able to transfer the rechargeable insoles from shoe t0 shoe.

The shoe has 32 sensors to track movement. This data is translated in coaching tips and training advice. Not only do this insole provide stride feedback but they also have a GPS function and up to five hours of battery life.