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eBay to authenticate sneakers over $100 starting in 2021

eBay will soon guarantee that your race day shoe is legit

When runners order a pair of extremely expensive shoes from a third-party seller like eBay, they’ve historically run the risk of receiving a knock-off shoe. This exact risk has deterred lots of runners from placing an order, but some pull the trigger anyway because they need fresh carbon-plated shoes to be their best on race day. But runners will soon no longer need to worry about eBay orders, and here’s why. 

In October, eBay announced a plan to expand its Authenticity Guarantee to sneakers and running shoes. Starting with Nike Jordans and Yeezys, the company will move to authenticate all sneakers sold for over $100 by 2021. This will include the carbon-plated Nikes that have such high price tags on the website. 

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How does the guarantee work?

According to eBay, a guarantee will be given by a third-party organization at no extra cost to the consumer. Authenticators will look at the box, labels, soles, stitching, logos, laces and more. Once the shoes pass the inspection, they get tagged as authentic, making it easier to resell (not that runners usually resell used Nike NEXT% shoes). When you’re spending roughly $300 on a pair of shoes, this is some much-needed peace of mind. 

With Nike and Adidas carbon-plated shoes becoming harder and harder to get, runners can soon place an eBay order without worry and have the best shoes possible on their feet come race day. As long as an eBay shoe is tagged as an “athletic shoe” and costs over $100, the purchaser will be eligible. If the shoe doesn’t pass the authenticity test, a full refund will be issued.  

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