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First look: ASICS GT-2000 9

The latest shoe from ASICS is perfect for your next long run

The ASICS GT-2000 series has been around for a long time — almost 30 years. This series features the trusted go-to stability shoes of runners everywhere, from casual amateurs to elite marathoners. On Tuesday, the company released another addition to the series: the ASICS GT-2000 9. This is a lightweight but well-cushioned shoe, which makes it perfect for long, hard training miles. No bad product can survive for close to three decades, so you know you’re getting a great shoe when you go with any of the GT-2000s. No matter what level of runner you are, how far you run or how often you train, this will be a good fit. Let us tell you why. 

Photo: ASICS

Shoe type: Stability 
Weight: 9.9 oz (280 g) for men (size 9) and 7.8 oz (221 g) for women (size 7)
Drop: 10 mm
MSRP: C$170.00
Available: Now on the ASICS website


The GT-2000 9 has a mesh upper that comes with the shoe’s redesign since the last iteration in the series. The stretchiness of the upper — which seamlessly covers the top of the foot down to the toe —will make for a comfortable fit, which is necessary no matter how far you’re running. ASICS reinforced the upper on different parts of the foot to give runners more support with each step, which will help produce a more efficient toe-off. The mesh design makes for a lighter run, and it promotes breathability, too. 


The GT-2000 9’s midsole features Rearfoot Gel technology, which provides runners with more shock absorption with every step, especially at the heel, right where it’s needed most. Also included in the midsole is Flytefoam, ASICS’s lightest midsole material. It’s still durable despite being so light, and it helps to cushion each step. It’s one thing for a shoe to be lightweight (which the GT-2000 9 is) and to look cool (which it does), but if there’s not enough cushioning between your foot and the pavement, you’re going to pay for it eventually. The ASICS Gel and Flytefoam technologies are made to ensure cushioning and comfort are taken care of on every run. 



Finally, there’s the outsole, which has grooves on the forefoot that will help create a smooth transition between footstrike and toe-off. It also has AHAR (ASICS High-Abrasion Rubber), which reduces wear on the outsole. This is an important feature for any runner, but it’s especially necessary for anyone training for longer races. With an AHAR outsole, you know that you can give your shoes a beating day after day and they won’t wear out. 

Photo: ASICS

Who’s it for?

The GT-2000 9 is lightweight and designed for comfort, which makes it perfect for runners who need some more support but don’t want to sacrifice performance to get it. It will be a great shoe for a quick 5K, a two-hour training run or even the occasional speedy track session. If you’re interested in grabbing yourself a pair, visit the ASICS site